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A smit bracket OCIMF Type is manufactured to Oil Companies International Marine Forum guidelines. You can use these smit brackets as part of your towing equipment by welding them to a strong point on the deck. As a supplier of equipment for oil ports and other applications, we assure you that any smit bracket you purchase from us is reliable and up to standard.

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We offer a smit bracket OCIMF Type in different sizes

If you are looking for mooring equipment, you can order the smit bracket OCIMF Type from M.E.S., your experienced supplier. The smit brackets are also suitable as towing equipment. The brackets are available in different diameters: 54 millimetres, 64 millimetres and 76 millimetres. What size is right depends on your particular application. The smit brackets you use as a towing hook, in combination with other towing equipment, will need to match the size of the chain you would like to secure. Apart from smit brackets, we also offer quick release hooks as towing equipment. Take a look at the products we have in stock to find the right tools. For lifting rather than towing, we offer high-quality marine cranes.

Our equipment is very reliable

M.E.S. is a well-versed supplier of the maritime industry that offers all kinds of professional equipment, like a smit bracket. You can certainly trust our products to support your work. The smit bracket OCIMF Type meets the very high safety standards of the official forum. As a legitimate supplier, we can also deliver Bureau Veritas certificates with your smit bracket.

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As a professional supplier of marine equipment, we find that a smit bracket OCIMF Type proves useful for towing or for single point mooring. You can also use smit brackets as emergency towing equipment. If you found the items you would like to purchase, please send an e-mail to or phone +31 (0)183 50 20 52 to complete your order.