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You will find multiple kinds of reliable marine cranes in our collection. For instance, we sell knuckle boom cranes that are convenient to store thanks to their relatively compact design. Cranes are used for all kinds of purposes in the maritime sector. They can be very useful when you are placing a buoy, for example.

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Different kinds of marine cranes

M.E.S. offers all kinds of reliable offshore equipment, like marine cranes. You can choose from different multipurpose designs. We offer hydraulicly driven and electrically driven cranes. There are also different systems to choose from, like a knuckle boom crane or a fixed boom model. You can use these cranes to lift and drop heavy loads. It can be very useful for installing offshore buoys, for example. CALM buoy systems are also impossible to lift without some kind of mechanical force. Choose the crane that fits your business model best.

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Take a look at our available products to find the machine for your nautical business. Once you found the marine cranes you are interested in, you can reach out to us to complete your order. If you would like some more information or expert advice on particular marine equipment, feel free to ask us anything. Please send an e-mail to or phone +31 (0)183 50 20 52.