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Offshore buoys are a type of mooring equipment used by people working on waterways and in the deep sea. Buoys see much action and are used for various purposes. Some offshore buoys are used to mark locations, warn mariners and even to collect data. They have counterparts which are utilized for mooring purposes.

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Since offshore buoys can have so many different utilities, multiple models are in circulation on the marine equipment market. All of these have their own strengths and weaknesses. Whichever buoys you need, is therefore determined by what goals you have. For example, a CALM buoy for mooring has a different purpose than an anchor pendant buoy. Once you have chosen the right type of offshore equipment, the subsequent installation details are also very important. It is best to talk your plans through with an expert like M.E.S. We also have many other different reliable products such as marine towing hooks.

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At our company you have various options when it comes to picking the right buoys. We even have the facilities to provide you with custom products. We would love to discuss the details with you as soon as possible. Contact us by sending us an e-mail to or by phoning us on +31 (0)183 50 20 52.