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The majority of today’s mooring systems are reliant on quick release hooks. These tools help secure your mooring lines and to release them quickly when needed. We offer different models with one, two or three separate hooks. Are you not sure what design best suits your maritime activities? Feel free to ask us for advice on any item.

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These quick release hooks guarantee swift mooring

M.E.S. reliable quick release hooks are able to release mooring lines that are slack or under full safe working load. These units are suitable to use for either fibre or wire lines. The towing hook is also self-supporting. This prevents the open hook from scraping along the deck. There is also a two-step release plan in place that prevents you from accidentally releasing the lines. We offer more mooring equipment in our online catalogue. For instance, you will also find a mooring bollard.

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Quick release hooks are essential to be able to use modern mooring systems. As professionals in marine equipment, we offer various types of hooks. Take a look at the items that are currently available and let us know if you are interested in a certain product. Reach out to us via phone +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or e-mail jvm@mestrading.com.