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If you need to install an oil rig on the ocean, it will need an anchor. In our selection you will find different kinds of anchors that are suitable to keep an oil platform in place. We can manufacture anchors of different weights. We can even provide you with a specially made anchor of 32500 kilograms if you request it.

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077 Four (4) 15t Drag anchors HHP

Install an oil rig on the ocean with a reliable anchor

M.E.S. anchors have a high holding power. We have Dolphin anchors from 100 kilograms to 15000 kilograms in stock. It is also possible to request a heavier anchor, for example for securing an oil rig. If you wish, we can deliver Mill or ABS certificates with an offshore anchor. Apart from anchors, we provide other equipment for offshore oil ports. We especially recommend that you browse this collection if you regularly work with oil. For instance, you will find a special emergency kit for an oil spill that allows you to absorb the oil before it damages the environment.

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Our company is specialised in all occurring marine deck equipment, including an anchor for an oil rig. So, if you are in need of any extra tools for your oil-based marine business, feel free to browse our available items. Please contact us for any extra information regarding our offshore equipment by phoning +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or by sending an e-mail to jvm@mestrading.com.