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An offshore anchor is essential to properly moor offshore objects and vessels. A well-built anchor has the holding power to secure riggs and permanent moors. At M.E.S. we aim to be the best supplier of an offshore anchor that is perfect to support any deep-water activities you may be engaged in. Our company has a well-earned reputation for quality service and equipment provision, which we will gladly demonstrate to you.

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We are a great supplier providing useful and dependable offshore marine equipment and the anchor you buy from us is no exception. As a supplier we offer various anchor types which easily secure your offshore objects or vessels. Which anchor is the best for you depends on factors such as location, climates, the sea floor and the size of the offshore object or vessel. There has to be a good fit between the anchor and its attached object. An oil rig anchor, for instance, will have been developed to secure this platform specifically.  

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Would you like to discover what our company and our marine equipment can do for you? All will be made clear during a conversation. Therefore – as your supplier of any type of offshore anchor you may need – we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss the merits of our available products. Phone +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or send us an e-mail at