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Explore the depth of our catalogue filled with offshore oil port equipment. Oil ports are harbours that can accommodate oil tankers. They may be used for such purposes as receiving, loading or storing large quantities of oil. To avoid spills, malfunctions or to facilitate work activities, maintenance on an offshore oil port should be carried out consistently using the right type of equipment.

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Oil is an essential commodity, not just in the marine world but on land equally so. It is the backbone of many industries and quite literally fuel for the human world. As is the case for most products and cargo, our seas and waterways are vital transport venues for oil. To keep industries and human activities running smoothly, proper maintenance using the right oil port equipment is exactly what you need. You will find such offshore equipment at M.E.S. We are an expert supplier of marine equipment that you can rely on for your offshore oil port necessities. 

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To support marine specialists working with oil we also sell oil spill equipment besides our offshore port utilities. We will gladly go over all the available products we have during a conversation with you. Please contact us for more information by phoning +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or by sending an e-mail to