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Yokohama fenders are pneumatic, rubber fenders that you can purchase in our online shop. These buoyant bumpers prevent collisions between the hull and the quay during mooring or docking. You can attach them to your ship or to the quay or dock. We can deliver these fenders with or without a tire and chain net.

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Rubber floating fenders

These Yokohama fenders protect the hull of your ship

To prevent the quay from damaging the hull and the other way around, you can order Yokohama fenders. These rubber fenders are filled with air to absorb the impact of the weight of your ship while mooring. We are an official European distributor for Yongma Ind., which means we are able to offer you their entire range of products. Browse through our marine fendering equipment to find the right items for your business. If you are in need of any advice, do not hesitate to ask us about any of our offshore equipment.

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Feel free to take a look at the items we have in stock. Do you wish to order Yokohama fenders or anything else from our collection of marine equipment? You can let us know which item you would like by sending an e-mail to or by phoning +31 (0)183 50 20 52. We will reach out to you with the information you need to complete your order.