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M.E.S. offers multiple kinds of marine fendering equipment and systems. We offer fenders from different manufacturers all over the world. Therefore, you will certainly find the right products for the activities of your business. With these high-quality fenders, mooring, berthing, and docking will be as safe as can be. Take a look at our products and choose the fenders that are suitable for your work.

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Rubber floating fenders

Reliable marine fendering equipment and systems for your offshore activities

Fendering equipment and systems are essential to any marine business. Without it, every docking would result in a collision and damage to your ship, the quay, or dock. In our collection of marine products, you will find different kinds of equipment and systems for fendering. For example, we offer pneumatic rubber fenders that can be moored to your ships or docks with chains or wires. These Yokohama fenders are available with or without a chain and tire net. Because the fender is air-filled, you can (partially) deflate it for easy transport. As an official European distributor for Yongma Ind., we even offer their full range of products.

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Apart from marine fendering systems, we offer reliable machines and equipment for other purposes as well. There is plenty of equipment for offshore work to choose from. You can see the items that are currently for sale in our available products. Choose the best tools to support the activities of your company.

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Take a look at our catalogue to find the best marine fendering equipment and systems. As experts on marine equipment, we offer reliable machinery from different manufacturers. If you wish to purchase some of our items, please contact us by phoning +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or by sending an e-mail to