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030 A-Frame with hydraulic HPU Information
Article number: 047
Date of construction: Mar 16, 2010
Price: On request
Spooling machine


Spooling machines :

Since 1996, we have been producing tailor made spooling machines for wire, and fibre rope handling.

The main features :

Drum capacities :

Diameter: up to ? 6,0 metre

With: 0,8 -? 6,5 metre

Weight: up to 150 T

Spooling capacities :

Spooling speed: 0-12 rpm

Pulling and braking torque: 8.000 – 450.000 Nm

Hydraulic power unit with electric motor or diesel engine.

Hydraulic systems furnished to fit the specific

machine, with focus on fuel / power consumption.

Radio or cable remote controls, in addition to

local control panel.

Stationary or mobile machines according to

customer requirements, the mobile machines has

been made either to be transportable on semi trailer

or in standard ISO sea freight containers.


There are 5 main designs that we have specialized in, common for all of them is that the drum hangs between two shafts with free end, eliminating the problems involved putting a long shaft through the drum before it is installed in the machine.


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