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Ocean dredging equipment is used to remove certain materials from the sea bottom. Such equipment clears the seabed of sediments and debris. This is important to keep the water ways accessible to vessels without the risk of getting stuck. This keeps the sea traffic going optimally, which is important for marine work and trade. To this end we offer some of the best ocean dredging equipment on the market.

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Marine work and navigation can only be properly performed with accessible waterways. In order to maintain the right infrastructure, the ocean dredging equipment that we offer at M.E.S. is of great service. This marine equipment may also be utilized to preserve the environment, because dredging is often used to reduce contaminant exposure for ocean life and reduce spread risk in the water. Besides ocean dredging equipment, we offer you other means of keeping the environment clean. One such example is our oil spill equipment.

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M.E.S. encourages you to discuss any needs and wishes you may have pertaining to offshore equipment for dredging. This is a complex endeavour which requires a tailored solution on our part. Please contact us by phoning +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or by sending an e-mail to jvm@mestrading.com. You can also fill in the contact form.