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Our hydraulic mooring winches are one of the high-quality options we offer you from our extensive mooring equipment category. Hydraulic mooring winches are the driving element in a mooring system, which makes sure that the mooring itself occurs safely. Winches are the systems that pull or let go of the winch lines.

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041 Four (4) x 60 ton hydraulic Mooring Winches

Mooring winches that you can rely on

Our hydraulic mooring winches should be the backbone of your mooring system. After all, this is where you direct what needs to be done with the winch line to properly dock your vessel on a quay or rig. Despite the forces put onto our mooring winches, they have been made with such high standards that they can continue to function properly for years and years. You will find all your winch needs met when doing business with M.E.S., your specialist in marine equipment.

Hydraulic mooring winches

We offer you hydraulic mooring winches, which function on hydraulic technology. These systems are designed for smooth, consistent operating in terms of positioning, stop, and release. At M.E.S. we also offer other utilities functioning on the basis of such mechanics. A good example of this is our hydraulic capstan. This is another essential piece of marine mooring equipment that we offer you.

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We invite you to approach us as soon as possible. Given our deep knowledge and experience in the marine field, we can help you with everything from your hydraulic mooring winches to workboats. If you would like to discover what we can do for you, then phone +31 (0)183 50 20 52 or send us an e-mail via