MES-Capstans are electric and hydraulic driven capstans and supplied in the range of 30 kN to 200 kN. The height
of the MES- Capstans is variable in range. The MES-Capstans are mounted into welding frame, which can be made
in various options and dimensions.

Nominal pulling force kNElectric installed power electric execution kWHydraulic installed power execution flow/pressureDimensions H1 (mm)Dimensions H var (mm)Dimensions D1 (mm)Dimensions L1 (mm)Weight kgs
30535 l/min 140 bar26060-750325525380
50955 l/min 150 bar26060-750325525410
751370 l/min 150 bar36090-1000425700505
1001770 l/min 200 bar46090-1000525770840
1252285 l/min 200 bar560110-11005259401030
15026110 l/min 200 bar560110-11006259401110
20035140 l/min 200 bar650130-120070010301460

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