Accommodation Units

A60 DNV 2.7-1, 4 man Accommodation Module (9.8m x 3.4m x 3.05m)
Module is the plug-in & play type. Module is for Safe Area (non- hazardous area) installation
Module Specifications:

1 off A60 Door, 2 off A60 Hatches. 2 cabins. 2 bunks and 1 wetroom per cabin. HVAC, fire & gas detection systems, sprinklers, PA/TV/Tel sockets and connections, all fitted as standard.
Lifting & Rigging assembly (DNV 2.7-1 rated) supplied with each module.
Modules are linkable and can be stacked 3 high.
The module shall be constructed strictly in accordance with the project drawings and shall be suitable for offshore
shipping requirements.
The overall size will be 9800 mm long x 3400mm wide x 3050mm high.
Each module is designed to be stacked 3 high on a floating installation with each top corner being fitted with combined designed ISO corner castings and internal lifting pad eyes.
The base frame also incorporates 4 No ISO corner castings. This will allow ease of stacking and installation using proprietary “Twistlock” fixings. The design weight of the unit is to be 17.0 metric tonnes.
All welding & materials shall comply with DNV requirements and the specific requirements stated in the project drawings.
The building will be constructed within the same dimensional tolerances in accordance with the attached dimensional control sheet.

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