076 8 Point Mooring Winches Eight 50T

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Article number: 076
Date of construction: Jan 18, 2016
Price: On request
8 Point Mooring Winches (5xR-5xL) 50T Winches


Eight (8) point Mooring Winches 50T capacity

Winch specifications :

Pulling capacity: 50 ton at 1st layer
Speed: 10 m/min at 1st layer (1st speed)
 : 25 m/min at 1st layer (2nd speed)
Drum capacity: 1200 meters x dia. 44mm (S.W.R. 12 layers)
Brake capacity: Spring loaded, hydraulic released with manual over-ride.
 : brake holding 120 Ton static on 1st layer
Drag Brake: Air loaded, spring released, rated brake torque 16529Nm @ 5.5 bar
Hydraulic motor: Model HMC325-S-325/160-SO4
Winch control: Local control near the winch

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