040 Six (6) x 85 ton hydr. mooring winches

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Article number: 040
Date of construction: Jan 1, 2009
Price: On request
Six (6) x 85 ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches


The winch would comprise a single main plain cored drum of fabricated construction, fitted with phosphor bronze bushes, running on a high tensile steel main shaft. The main shaft would be supported on the fabricated base plate by heavy roller type bearings, mounted in steel housings, bolted to the winch base frame.

Mounted to the winch drum flange, would be a fabricated brake track, fitted with a hydraulically released and spring applied bake, giving a failsafe to On-Mode of operation. The brake assembly would comprise a fabricated brake band, hinge pins with mechanical linkages, adjusting screw, hydraulic cylinder and return spring.

The brake linings are a non asbestos marine grade.

Transmission would be from to two low speed high torque medium pressure hydraulic motors, driving through a totally enclosed spur reduction gearbox, driving in to a final drive guarded spur reduction gear set.

Also fitted to the main gearbox output drive pinion would be a hydraulically operated dog type clutch. The clutch is used to disconnect and protect the hydraulic drive motors during high speed payout, when the drag is in operation.

Fitted to the spur gearing at the front side of the winch would be a fresh water cooled air controlled drag brake to assist with back tensioning when running out the wires by the anchor handling tug.

An automatic wire spooling system would be provided, designed or under drum reefing, comprising a lead screw and drive tongue, fabricated carriage with bushed vertical rollers, guide bar, side support frames, chain drive system including driver and driven chain wheels, chain, guard and a manually operated positioning clutch.

The winch base plate would be suitably drilled to allow the fitting of the winch to the deck settings by means of your free issue holding down bolts.

Specifications per winch

Duty Pull at Layer One– 85.0 tonne @ 0 – 12.0 mtr/min
 – 59.0 tonne @ 0 – 17.0 mtr/min
 – 28.0 tonne @ 0 – 32.0 mtr/min
Duty Pull at Layer Six– 52.3 tonne @ 0 – 19.5 mtr/min
 – 36.3 tonne @ 0 – 27.6 mtr/min
 – 17.2 tonne @ 0 – 52.0 mtr/min
Duty Pull at Layer Eleven– 37.8tonne @ 0 – 27.0 mtr/min
 – 26.2 tonne @ 0 – 38.2 mtr/min
 – 12.4 tonne @ 0 – 72.0 mtr/min
Drum Capacity– 1500mtr x 52mm dia. Wire Rope in eleven layers
Brake Holding Load– 150.0 tonne @ First Layer
Drag Brake at Layer One– 10.0 tonne @ 0 – 100.0 mtr/min
Drum Core Diameter– 780mm
Drum Flange Diameter– 2,500mm (One free layer)
Drum Flange Distance– 1,760mm
Oil Flow– 600litre/min
Working Pressure– 230 BAR
Power Requirement– 270kW Approx

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