075 Powerpack DHP 104 CE

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Article number: 075
Date of construction: Jan 1, 2015
Price:On request
MES Powerpack 104 DHP CE


Ambient temperature: -10°C / +40°C
Dimensions L x W x H: 3100cm x 1250cm x 1780cm
Depending of the applied hydraulic oil. The start-up viscosity must be lower than 800mm/s
Diesel engine: DeutzTCD2013 L04 2V
Power rating: 102.9kW at 1800 rpm
Maximum engine speed: 1800 rpm
Fuel tank: 450 litre
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic oil tank: 520 litre
Maximum level 325 litre
Minimum level: 125 litre
Main pump maximum flow: 250 l/min
Maximum pressure: 250 bar
Hydraulic oil cooler fan 24 VDC
Electric system
Control system: 24 VDC

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