Oil spill kit 7 barrel

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Article number: 068
Date of construction: Apr 22, 2013
Price: On request
Oil Spill Reponse Kit, 7 barrels


Consist of two containers
Stored in: GRP Box dimension 2x 114x82x70 cm


Watertight – Lockable

5 Pair of coveralls disposable 89/686/EEG art. 8.3
5 Pair of chemical resistant goggles EN 166.2001
5 Pair of chemical resistant gloves 86/686/EEG
5 Masks for dust EN/149:2001 + A1
4 Disposal Bags MTL 103 Special Waste blue
1 Pump non-sparking
2 Buckets 10 ltr.
2 Anti-Static Spatula
20 Oil Only Pillows (WPIL818) 20cm x 45cm
12 Oil Only Socks (WSO440) 1.2 mtr. x 8 cm
12 Oil Only Booms (WB510SN) 3 mtr. x 16 cm
600 Oil Only Pads WP200S 40cm x 40cm

Regulations :
Different SOPEP’s in force must be observed, depending on the trading area of the vessel.
Subject to Port State control verification world-wide.
1. The MARPOL 73/78 Annex I ( Regulation 26*)
2. The PANAMA CANEL SOPEP requires thar vessel have shipboard SOPEP equipment ready for operational spills.
3. The CALIFORNIA VRP for non-tank vessels and tank vessels, specifying shipboard capacities capable of handing a 7 barrel ( 1100-litre) or 12 barrel (1900-litre) operational spill, respectively, e.g. under 400′ LOA, the 7 barrel rule, over 400′ LOA the 12 barrel rule.
4. The USCG approved VRP effective as of 8 August 2005 for non-tank vessels and tank vessels, applies the same rules as for the California VRP for vessels calling at US ports, e.g. on board capacities to be such as to handle a 7 barrel or 12 barrel operational spill respecitively.
5. SOPEP= Shipboard Oil Spill Pollution Emergency Plan
6. VRP= Vessel Response Plan

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