060 SEP Multi-purpose Barge

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Article number: 060
Date of construction: Jan 1, 2010
Price: On request.
SEP Multi-purpose Barge 50m x 29m x 4.5m Jack Up Barge


Particular of SEP Barge
– 50m x 29m x 4.5m Multi-purpose Barge for Deepwater Works.
– 4 Nos Spud type Positive Engagement System
– 65 Meters long legs for Deepwater Works.
– Diameter of leg 2300mm
– No spud cans, not jetting system
1) Marine base platform with construction plants on-board.
2) Pile driving.
3) Derrick barge.
4) Temporary working platform for bridge construction,etc.
5) Marine excavation works.
6) Underwater tunnel works, submarine pipelaying works.
7) Accommodation platform for marine construction works.
8) Installation of navigation buoy and aids.

Specification of SEP barge

Dimensions: L x B x H = 50m x 29m x 4.5m

Payload: 1200 ton

Draft: 2.50m

Displacement: 3,600 ton

Deck Load: 15 ton/m2

Spud length: Max 65m / 4 pieces

Spud diameter: 2,300mm

Working water depth: Max 60m

Jacking Power Pack: Diesel Engine Cummins NT855DM

Jacking speed: 12 m/hr

Engine Room: Winch PP Cummins NT855DM

: Generator sets 2 pcs CAT 3406 DITA rates @ 372 KVA/440 VAC/60Hz

Deckhouse: Accommodation 6 Persons, Office, Infirmary, Control room, Kitchen

Anchors: 4 x 3.5 ton

Winches: 4 x 20t single drum, steelwire 42mm x 400 meter each drum

Climbing Speed: 12 m/hr.

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