042 SEP Multi-purpose Barge

Article number: 042
Date of construction: Apr 1, 1974
Price: On request
SEP Multi-purpose Barge 50m x 24m x 4.3m Jack Up Barge


Particular of SEP Barge

– 50m x 24m x 4.3m Multi-purpose Barge for Deepwater Works.
– 4 Nos Spud operated by Delong Jacking System.
– 70 Meters long leg for Deepwater Works.
– “Delong” air-jacking system free from grease or lubricant, environment friendly.
– Stable standing even on stiff-sloped rocky seabed.
– Free-fall of deck platform using one-touch button, quick mobility.
– Both synchronized and individual operation of 4 nos. jacks from control tower.
– Easy setting of deck platform’s elevation according to high tide or typhoon.

· Application

1) Marine base platform with construction plants on-board.
2) Pile driving.
3) Derrick barge.
4) Temporary working platform for bridge construction,etc.
5) Marine excavation works.
6) Underwater tunnel works,submarine pipelaying works.
7) Accommodation platform for marine construction works.
8) Installation of navigation buoy and aids.

Specification of SEP barge

Dimensions: LxBxH = 50m x 24m x 4.3m
Deck Tonnage: Hull – 800 ton / Water, fuel – 200 ton = Total 1000 ton
Draft: 1.7m
Discharge Tonnage: 2,775 ton
Spud length: Max 70m / Average 50m / 4 pieces
Spud diameter: 1,800mm / thickness 38mm
Weight: 120 ton/no
Working water depth: Max 60m
Power: Diesel Engine 260Kw
Jacking Method: Delong type D-6-6
Jacking pressure: 58.840 kN
Jacking speed: 0.15/0.3 m/min
Anchor: 6 ton
Jacking Power: 2,160 ton / (540 ton x 4)
Holding Power: 4,320 ton / (1,080 ton x 4)
Particular: Free-falling Function
Climbing Speed: Light Load – 6.5 m/hr / Heavy Load 3 m/hr