032 Radio Controlled Grabs

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Article number: 032
Date of construction: Jan 1, 2010
Price: On request
4 pieces PEINER R. Contr. Single Rope Grabs type EGF 1,25-12000


4  pieces PEINER Radio Controlled Single Rope Grabs type EGF 1,25-12000
Designation : EGF 24,0-1,25-12000
Suitable for the handling of various bulk materials with a piled density up to 2,5 t/m3.
In order to reach always the max. permitted payload and to avoid overload of the existing crane lifting capacities the grab scoops will be equipped with kick plates.
Each grab equipped with :

a) 1 set of closing ropes right and left handed rope, rope diameter 28mm, rope length
10,0 m, each rope including ferrule (size A26 as per DIN 3093 and thimble size 28 as per DIN 3090)
b) 1 cpl set of radio controlled equipment consisting of : – transmitter unit incl.
Accumulator – receiver unit incl. accumulator
c) 1 charcging set (unit) for simultaneous charging of transmitter and receiver
d) 1 accumulator for transmitter
e) 1 accumulator for receiver

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