072 Cutter suction dredger

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Article number: 072
Date of construction: Jan 1, 2009
Price: On request
Cutter suction dredger


This 60 Ton SWL A-Frame is installed at the stern of the Vessel, and applies for handling

the plough between the deck and the seabed during cable laying operations, it is complete

with HPU, steering and winches, all inclusive of documents.
The frame is manufactured by Hydralift Norway and stored at Stavanger.
Capacity A-Frame 😕 60 Ton SWL
Max. fleet angle : 4?
Capacity hoisting system : 50 Ton SWL (block lowering system)
Heel + Trim : 2? + 5?
Hoisting / Lowering speed : 6,0 m/min
Total weight of the equipment : 72.990kg

Cutter suction dredger

LOA: 85.00m

Length: 66.00m

Breadth: 15.00m

Depth: 4.20m

Construction draft: 2.80m

draft/load draft 1.80m/2.4m

accommodation: 14p

Fuel tanker: 430m3

Fresh water tanker: 150m3

Crane ?? no

The load of the crane in stem: 16t

The load of the crane in bow: 10t

The weight of the bow anchor: 4.5t

Endurance : ?300h

GT: 1500t

The diameter of the suction and discharging pipe: 800/750mm

Dredging depth 1.5m-25.0m (under waterline )

Pumping distance: The maximum pumping distance of double engines double pumps: 4500m

The designed pumping distance of Single engine single pump: 3000m

Pumping height : 4.0m

Mud pump diesel engine inside the cabin , Type, no. 16V240ZC,1

Power, rotating speed: 2940kw,1000r/min

Factory, time

Mud pump reduction gear box Type, no. NBC4200A,1

Speed ration: ?~2.63:1

Mud pump inside the cabin: Type, no. 700WN,1

Fresh water flow: 8500m3/h

Lift: 65mH20

Rotating speed 380r/min

Shaft power of the fresh water ~2200kW

Cutter hydraulic diesel engine set: no

Diesel engine type: ?G6300zc16B

Power, rotating speed: 1471kW,600r/min

Auxiliary box type: YBF12-1470

Rated input power: 1470kW

Rated input rotating speed: 600rpm

Rated output rotating speed: 1500rpm(12)

Hydraulic pump, type,no: T6ED-072-045,1

rotating speed? 1500rpm/min

Rated pressure: 20MPa

Hydraulic pump: type,no AF250,11

rotating speed? 1500rpm/min

Rated pressure: 20MPa

Diesel engine set of the pump under water: no

Diesel engine: G6300zc16B

Power,rotating speed: 1470kW,600r/min

High voltage electrical machine: type TFWS1563-6

Rated power: 1250kw

Rated rotating speed: 1000rpm

Rated voltage : 3150V/triphase

Main generator diesel engine set: Type: 200GFC

Diesel engine: type? G128ZLCaF-2

Power: 240kw

Rotating speed 1500r/min

Main generator: type TFXH-200

Rated power: 200kw

Rated rotating speed: 1500rmp

Rated voltage : 400V/triphase

Gauge pile: type, no ?1.5?36?,2

Weight: About 55t/unit

Winch hoisting winch 450kN/0~20m/min,2

Sidesway winch: 350kN/0~20m/min,2

Mooring winch 200kN/0~12m/min

Cutter ladder: type 6400*3220mm

Diameter: 2200mm

Cutter power: 900kw

No. Of cutter: 5 pieces

Cutter hydraulic diesel engine set

Diesel engine type: G6300zc16B

Power,rotating speed 1470kW,600r/min

Factory, year: Ningbo Zhongci factory, 2009

Diesel engine set of the pump under water

Diesel engine type: G6300zc16B

Power, rotating speed: 1470kW,600r/min

Factory, year: Ningbo Zhongci factory,2009

Diesel engine for hydraulic cutter: type,no. XCW12V200ZCD-1

POWER 1440kw

Rpm: 1000r/min

Mud pump diesel engine inside the cabin : type, no. 16V240ZC,1

Power, rotating speed? 2940kw,1000r/min

Factory, year: Dalian marine Co.,ltd,2009

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