091 Calm Buoy

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Article number: 091
Date of construction: 01-01-2006
Price: On request.
SBM type Calm Buoy


1. Fabricated 2006, Maintained and rotated on a regular basis. Present location: Europe, still valid Bureau Veritas certificates till March 2022.
2. The buoy body consists of an outer structure and an inner cylindrical structure connected by top and bottom faces forming a welded structure, which is internally divided into bulkheads in 12 watertight compartments, 6 of which are upper and 6 lower separated by a horizontal bulkhead, such that even if tow adjacent compartments are flooded, the buoy will survive.

3. The lower part of the buoy’s body is equipped with a skirt that accommodates 6 pipe chains with glands and jaws, each aligned with a bulkhead or frame. All the top of the float is machined support structure for the main bearing. The skirt acts as a buoy hull defense. In addition, it reduces roll, stern-bow and Port&Starboard movements.

4. Dimensions: Skirt 16,8mtrs / Body Dia 12m, Inside Moonpool 3.552 m. Height 6.55m. Weight in air approx. 390 Tons.

5. Discharge System : Floating Hoses (16”/ 24”) – Submarine Hoses (16”) – Marine Breakway Coupling used only on floating hoses strings. Pipeline End Manifold located at 32m depth – Sealine (40”)

6. Mooring system : Chafe chains – Support Buoys – Mooring Hawsers – Mooring Bridle

7. The Mooring system (anchored 12 chains) – 6 groups of 2 anchor legs with links between 107 and 178 mm and 355/435 meters long fitted in circle and linked to 12 “MAG” anchor type with a weight of 12 up to 27 tons each.

8. Six compartments + one off central chamber.

9. Crane 30 ton SWL for pull in of chain and Air winch of 6 tons. Navigation light, Foghorn and Radar Reflector available

10. The buoy was designed for a flowrate of 7800m3/hr and built for operating VLCC’s.

As buoy has been stored and maintained professionally, last drydock 2016, the condition is as one can expect. My personal verdict is that buoy need some checks and will be ready for a 5 year operation after some superficial repairs and site preparation (adaption: spools etc), alt. for 15 years after a full refurbishment.

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