090 Calm Buoy

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Article number: 090
Date of construction: Jan 1, 1979
Price: On request.
SBM type Calm Buoy


1. Fabricated 1979, stored as stock buoy. Maintained and rotated on a regular basis.Present location: The Netherlands
2. Mooring load 200 ton, Double Mooring platform with bridle for single hawser connection Chainstoppers supported in sliding bearings.


3. Dimensions: Skirt 15,5mtrs / Body Dia 12m, Inside Moonpool 3.6 m. Height 5m. Weight in air approx 275 Tons.

4. Six compartments + one off central chamber; 6 chain hawses incl. stoppers in sliding bearings receiving up to 3 ¾” (95 mm) chain equi-spaced around circumference of buoy.

5. Central Pipe: 2 x 12”/20” (two products)). Ball valves on Turntable. Diver less submarine hoses pull in system 12 inch.

6. Crane 30 ton SWL for pull in of chain and Air winch of 6 tons. Navigation light, Foghorn and Radar Reflector available

7. Rating of buoy up to 350.000 DWT (shuttle) tankers in 60 mtrs of water depth, with 6 x 3 ¾” chain at mild conditions. Loading rate 10.000 m3 per hour

8. Gen. condition Structurally sound buoy with of course some wear and tear around the hull, but nothing serious. Skirt slightly damaged; bearings maintained, swivel tba. Minor physical damage to superstructure.
As buoy has been stored and maintained professionally, the condition is as one can expect. My personal verdict is that buoy need some checks and will be ready for a 3 to 4 year operation after some superficial repairs and site preparation (adaption: spools etc), alt. for 10 to 15 years after a full refurbishment.

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