031 60 Ton SWL A-Frame with winch and HPU

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Article number: 031
Date of construction: Sep 27, 2000
Price: On request
60 Ton SWL A-Frame with winch and HPU


This 60 Ton SWL A-Frame is installed at the stern of the Vessel, and applies for handling the plough between the deck and the seabed during cable laying operations, it is complete with HPU, steering and winches, all inclusive of documents.

The frame is manufactured by Hydralift Norway and stored at Stavanger.

Capacity A-Frame : 60 Ton SWL
Max. fleet angle : 4°
Capacity hoisting system : 50 Ton SWL (block lowering system)
Heel + Trim : 2° + 5°
Hoisting / Lowering speed : 6,0 m/min
Total weight of the equipment : 72.990kg

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